Tradeshows & Giveaways

Trade Shows & Events offer a great chance for businesses to build connections with target audiences. Use them to highlight your brand in a big way. Plan a marketing campaign as soon as you book a trade show booth. Publicize your participation in a big way by sharing booth details on your primary website or social media profiles.

Events are incomplete without our range of trade show supplies. Use them to attract booth visitors. Here is a glimpse of what we have in store for you:

  • Badge Reels & Holders: Personalize these badges and use them to secure IDs for employees and visitors. You will find a wide range of badgeholders in the color, size and functionality of your choice!
  • Lanyards: Our lanyards are sturdy enough to secure IDs, keys and other compact belongings. They can showcase your logo clearly for all to see.
  • Napkins, Plates & Disposable Cups: Our range of personalized plates, cups and napkins will help you host a mini-snackathon at your booth!
  • Table Covers, Banners & Displays: Choose from our range of trade show displays to decorate your stall. We have a wide range of table covers and banners that help to highlight your message in a big way.
  • Lapel Pins & Name Badges/Tags: Our range of lapel pins are sturdy and available at economical prices. Our elegant name badges are worth your attention as well.
  • Wristbands