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what gift good Company promotional activities to send ?

by Nancy

Promotional supplies affect many consumers. Promotional supplies are playing an increasingly important role in today's numerous advertising and public relations campaigns. According to the International Promotion Association statistics, in 1994 the world's promotional supplies cost $17 billion, an increase of 12.6% compared to 1993. It is important to choose what kind of promotional gifts, promotional gifts is the customer demand, to add to promotional activities? The most practical: lea preservative film cutter, household artifact! More convenient and more economical than the existing film! Than the traditional film cutter is more environmentally friendly, more practical! More important: 1, recycling, product value with the use of the number of times increased. 2, strong advertising, special customization logo let the customers home every day staged in advertising. 3, cost-effective, and other products, the price is superior to other plastic film, the equivalent of the product, quality is better than other plastic film. As a promotional gift, with the increase in the frequency of use of products, advertising has gradually taken root, to lay a solid foundation for the development of marketing activities.

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