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by Nancy

 In order to make your purchasing successfully, we need your help to provide us artworks as requirement below when placing order. 

1. Vector art such as “EPS” or “AI” or “CDR” or “PDF”
2. Convert text to Curves, to avoid the font deformed
3. Except full color process printing, all screen printing artworks require corresponding Pantone Color Number marked
4. JPG file is also essential as it guarantees the original design won’t be changed or deformed in any circumstance while we open it. The resolution of “JPG” file must be 300dpi when placed at 100%, otherwise objects will be vague while enlarging the arts.
5. Please specify the product full size in the artwork, if it is semi-cubic or 3 dimensional cubic, please specify thickness. Sometimes is it necessary to offer CNC artwork or physical sample for fully 3D designs.

Convert to Vector Graphic

If conversion is not made, your specific font might be substituted by other types of font if we are not equipped the same one as yours. Substituted font sometimes distorts your original design.

A complete and formal artwork contains internal and external bleed as well as trim marks.

Internal bleed margin

Make sure all your text and logos are within the internal bleed margin, otherwise they may be trimmed off. (The magenta guide shows safety area.)


The black guide

The black guide is the trim edge. This is the line along which your products will be trimmed. (Artwork should be confined inward about 1/8” (3mm) from the black trim line)

External bleed margin

Make sure all background/ elements that meet the trim edge extend to the edge of the external bleed line so you won’t have any white edges. (Extend your artwork about 1/8” (3mm) from the black guide)

Free Service for Artwork Design

If you can't make your own design or you need our help for artwork, please just contact us with your only logo or text content. Free artworks will be provided once receipt of your order and payment. Artwork proof will be advised for confirmation before sampling.


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